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everteen® Applicator Tampons – Super (9-12g)


Don’t compromise with your activity. Now GO SWIMMING during your period. No matter what’s on your schedule today; Swimming, Gyming, Dancing, Badminton, Party; do all your favorite activities with NO COMPROMISE as Everteen Applicator Tampon gives you best protection from leaks during your period.

  • Superior Leak Protection
  • Certified by U.S. FDA
  • Total Chlorine Free
  • 100% Unscented and perfume free
  • Safe, Hygienic and comfortable
  • Individually Wrapped



everteen® Applicator Tampons are manufactured at USFDA-approved unit and comply with international guidelines and certifications. everteen® Applicator Tampons adjusts better as per your shape and provide superior leak protection. everteen® Applicator Tampons are individually wrapped so that you can carry as minimum as you need during the day.

everteen® Applicator Tampons is available in 4 absorbencies Lite, Regular, Super and SuperPlus. You should always start with lowest absorbency. You may have to use different absorbencies during your period cycle. Like you may start with lowest absorbency on first day and then switch to moderate or higher absorbency on 2nd & 3rd day when menstruation flow is heavy.


Toxic Shock Syndrome is a rare but real threat that occurs in about 1 in 10,000 women. It is a serious disease which can be caused by misuse of tampons of any brand and can even be fatal. TSS is primarily associated with super-absorbent tampons, a category that everteen® does not offer. It is caused due to a bacterial infection of Staphylococcus aureus (staph).

To minimize your risk of TSS, NEVER use a tampon for more than 8 hours continuously. If you notice any rare symptoms such as sudden fever, vomiting, fainting, diarrhea, dizziness etc., consult your physician immediately.

If you are using tampons for the first time, always begin with the lowest absorbency. Use tampons only during menstrual periods. For urine leakage or vaginal discharge on non-period days, use everteen® Daily Panty Liners.

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Help a needy girl to have happy periods. For every annual subscription worth Rs.7000/-, everteen® donates annual supply of sanitary essentials to an underprivileged girl. Dismiss