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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This PRIVACY POLICY explains in detail about how the website www.everteen.in collects the personal and non-personal customer information, classifies the same as voluntary or mandatory, uses, discloses and protects it on the website. While using some services at everteen.in, you will be required to provide some personal information to us. For instance, when creating a user ID, you need to provide some personal information like address or phone number, or while making a payment, you need to furnish the financial details, or simply participate in promotional offers or schemes.

All the personal information provided by you is used only:

  • For facilitating your website access.
  • For responding to your queries or fulfilling your requests regarding the information on our products and services.
  • For providing you the information about the products and services available and send news and offer updates from www.everteetn.in
  • For sending any important information related to our website, such as any changes made to terms and conditions or policies or any other kind of information.
  • For sending any marketing communications, promotional offers and market surveys that might be of your interest according to the brand ‘Everteen’
  • For personalizing your online shopping experience at www.everteen.in by providing offers customized to your interests.
  • To help you in getting all the problems with the website addressed, including the most technical ones.
  • For completing the purchase from the website by processing the payment, communicating with you concerning the purchase and providing the best after sale services.
  • For administering the website in a proper and professional manner.
  • For conducting internal reviews as well as data analysis for our brand and related offers, schemes.
  • For improving the content, advertising and the overall service provided on the online portal.
  • For protecting the integrity of www.everteen.in

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