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Here are some common questions about Everteen Period Box.


What is Everteen Period Box?

Everteen Period Box is a box of sanitary essentials and feminine hygiene products from the house of brand ” Everteen”. It is a subscription based concept where you can choose your preferred sanitary essentials which you need every month. Everteen Period Box provides monthly doorstep delivery of sanitary essentials chosen by you.

Why do we need Everteen Period Box?

Provisioning of sanitary essentials is problematic activity for most women and this woman can be a busy homemaker, an office goer, a student, a self-employed entrepreneur and much more. Whether it is finding time from one’s busy schedule to take care of the nagging worry of stocking the sanitary essentials or the discomfort of buying very intimate items from a chemist shop manned by stranger (mostly, at the shop there are other people too) is distressing.

Everteen Period Box solves all your worries related to buying and stocking of sanitary essentials and feminine hygiene products.

What kind of products I can choose from?

Everteen offers India’s largest range of feminine hygiene products and you can choose your preferred products as per your practice of maintaining feminine hygiene. All everteen products are available in different sizes, and to customize your everteen period box you can choose products from Sanitary Napkin Pads, Menstrual Cup, Applicator Tampons, Feminine Hygiene Wash, Feminine Hygiene Wipes, Daily PantyLiners and Bikini Line Hair Remover.

How can I subscribe to Everteen Period Box?

Everteen Period Box offers three type of subscription to choose from. You can subscribe to an subscription plan which you feel comfortable with. The subscription plan for Everteen Period Box is Quarterly Subscription, Half Yearly Subscription and Annual Subscription.

To subscribe to Everteen Period Box, you have to choose your preferred sanitary essentials from the store page at www.everteen.in and customize your period box with the products & sizes you need month on month. Along with each product, the subscription option is provided and you can choose your subscription plan.

Will I get discount on subscription of Everteen Period Box?

Yes, each subscription plan is linked to a discount. As you choose your product and subscription plan, the subsequent discount is applied on your box.


When will I get my Everteen Period Box delivered?

Everteen Period Box will be delivered to your address before your next due date of menstrual cycle.

Can I change my address?

Yes, you can update/change your billing/shipping address. To change/update your billing/shipping your address, go to your account at www.everteen.in and update it in the column of addresses.

We also recommend you to drop an email at contact@everteen.in. Our team will ensure that your change/update are made in your subscription account.

How will the box be delivered at my address?

Everteen Period Box has multiple logistic partners who are efficient in delivering products countrywide. Your everteen period box will be delivered through our courier cum logistic partner at your mentioned address.

In case, you reside in remote areas, we shall send it through Indian Parcel Service.

What if my box is not delivered on time?

The chances of not delivering your box at your address minimal as our team track the shipment at back end. The team ensures that your box is dispatched on appropriate time so that it reaches on time.


When I have to pay Everteen Period Box?

You have to make payment while subscribing to everteen period box. The payment has to be made as per your choosen products and subscription plan. We accept only online payment made through the website www.everteen.in and it has to be done upfront while subscribing to everteen period box.

Can I make payment in cash?

No, we don’t accept payment in cash. Your subscription of everteen period box is system driven and linked to the payment made at www.everteen.in. The payment made through cash are not recognized by system and hence your subscription account will not be created.

Can I make payment through friends and family?

Yes, if you are familiar with online payment methods, you can take help of your friends and family members to make payment for your subscription of everteen period box.

In this situation, please ensure that you provide the billing and shipping details correctly. In case you face any difficulties and need any assistance for online payment, our team shall be glad to assist you in this. You can drop a mail at contact@everteen.in or call at 011-43715213 and our team will assist you in subscribing to everteen period box.


Can I return the box?

Please read our return and refund policy at the link below.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at contact@everteen.in or call us on +91-11-43715213

Help a needy girl to have happy periods. For every annual subscription worth Rs.7000/-, everteen® donates annual supply of sanitary essentials to an underprivileged girl. Dismiss