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everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash is a revolutionary new way of maintaining everyday feminine hygiene. Made with natural active ingredients such as neem, sea buckthorn, tea tree oil and aloe vera, it is safe for your skin and helps protect you against various vaginal infections. It also helps maintain the natural pH balance of your intimate areas.

Suitable for all skin types and women of all ages, everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash is scientifically formulated to promote the body’s natural vaginal balance and maintain feminine intimate hygiene. Its continuous use helps relieve itching and burning sensation. It also helps you keep off the bad odour and feel fresh and clean the entire day.

Aloe vera, tea tree oil and sea buckthorn in everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash help fight inflammation and keep your skin nourished and supple with a soothing effect.

The pump bottle is easy to use and carry.

Pamper your intimate skin with this natural foam wash from everteen and say goodbye to those harsh, chemical-based perfumed soaps, gels and other cleansers that can harm your skin or disturb its pH balance.


  • everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash helps protect and clean the vaginal area while maintaining natural pH balance for optimal intimate health
  • An easy to use foaming wash especially for the intimate areas made with natural active ingredients such as neem, sea buckthorn, tea tree oil and aloe vera
  • Gently nourishes intimate skin while tough on various vaginal infections such as candida
  • Prevents bad odor in the intimate area, helps you feel fresh and clean the entire day
  • A quality product from everteen, the leader and pioneer in complete feminine intimate care that offers a range of products for women health and hygiene


Neem (Azadirachta indica), Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides), Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), Aloe vera, Base to wash (Q.S.)


Wash your intimate area and hands with clean water. Wash your external vaginal area with everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Use daily during morning shower and at night before sleep.


Recommended only for external use.  In case of contact with eyes, wash it off immediately with plenty of clean water. Keep away from the reach of children. Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight.


Color of everteen Natural Intimate Foam Wash may vary due to herbal ingredients. Always do a patch test before using any new cosmetic or personal care product on skin

everteen offers feminine intimate hygiene and health products, which are all consumables. You would always want to buy products that are new, unopened and unused. As such, cancellations are not allowed on everteen products. We adhere to a strict quality protocol to ensure that our products shipped to customers are in top quality and deliver on our brand promise.

We encourage you to choose carefully before placing an order.

In case you ordered a product by mistake, you can cancel it before it is shipped. In select cases, we offer refund/ exchange where a customer accidentally receives a damaged or incorrect product, subject to requisite evidence.

All everteen products are manufactured using top-grade materials and are shipped worldwide. When you order an everteen product, you know you are investing in quality you can trust!

Information on this website is for educational purposes only and not meant as medical advice. Results vary from person to person.

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