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everteen XXL Relax Nights Ultra Thin 40 Sanitary Pads with Neem and Safflower, Menstrual Cramps Roll-On Inside Pack

everteen XXL Relax Nights Ultra Thin 40 Sanitary Pads with Neem and Safflower, Menstrual Cramps Roll-On Inside Pack

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Are you still using day pads for periods at night? Are you worried about staining and spotting? 

everteen XXL Relax Nights Ultra Thin 40 Sanitary Pads provide women all-night protection during menstrual periods. These 320mm sanitary napkins are ultra-slim and yet provide 3X faster absorption compared to fluff-only pads. Their double flaps and wider back coverage ensure that the sanitary pads stay in place no matter which position you sleep in even during prolonged use. everteen Relax Nights Ultra pads are made with an innovative top layer that gives you the best of both worlds – they give you really quick drying and that too with the soft cushiony comfort on your skin.

Enriched with neem and safflower, these everteen pads protect your skin from rashes and tanning. Neem is a widely acclaimed anti-irritant, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent. It clears rashes, soothes the skin and reduces redness and pain. Safflower extract in these menstrual pads is an acclaimed skin care lubricant and moisturizer that lightens even the stubborn skin tans.

This pack also includes a 5ml vial of everteen Menstrual Cramps Roll-On that is suitable for use by women for local application on abdomen, lower back, calf muscles and legs. Made with natural and potent oils of lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, chamomile, rosemary and almond, everteen Menstrual Cramps Roll-On provides you instant relief during those five days.  It can be easily carried in a clutch, handbag or pocket. The roller ball on the top of this vial is easy-to-use and ensures that there are no spills or stains while using that are a challenge with pain balms or massage oils.

So, go ahead, and buy the everteen Relax Nights Ultra sanitary pads with menstrual cramps roll-on, and say goodbye to stains and pains during periods.


  • Double-flap and wider back coverage for overnight protection during menstrual periods
  • Ultra-slim sanitary pads with 3X faster absorption for all night protection
  • Enriched with neem and safflower for anti-rashes and anti-tanning, innovative top layer gives quick drying as well as soft, cushiony comfort on skin
  • Top certified quality product manufactured at one of India’s most advanced units with ISO 9001:2015, WHO GMP and CE marking and does not contain no bleach, inks, latex, chlorine and phthalates
  • Pack includes a compact, non-messy and easy-to-carry menstrual cramps relief roll-on for use on abdomen, lower back, calves and legs in women


Tear open the sachet and unfold the pad. Peel off the release paper from the back of the pad. Stick the pad firmly onto the panty with the longer end towards the back. Remove release paper from the flaps. Wrap the flaps around both side of the panty and press firmly.

Apply everteen Menstrual Cramps Roll-On over affected area. Close cap tightly after use. Ideal for use on abdomen, lower back, calves and legs.


Each pack includes everteen 40 XXL Relax Nights Ultra Sanitary Pads enriched with neem and safflower and one everteen Menstrual Cramps Roll-On 5ml.


Topical application only. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from children. Store in a cool, dry place. Stop use in case of rare irritation or skin allergy.


Color of product may vary due to natural ingredients. Results vary from person to person due to genetic, lifestyle, dietary, environmental and other factors.
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