everteen XXL Neem-Safflower Sanitary Pads with Double Wings - 40 Pads, 320mm

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everteen, the complete feminine intimate hygiene expert, brings to you a super-value pack of 40 XXL sanitary pads designed to keep you away from moisture for longer during periods, while protecting your skin from rashes and tanning. These 320mm long pads are ideal for daytime as well as overnight use. Its 8-layer protection, extra-large pads, odour-locking gel-core system and an advanced leak protection come together to give you the confidence to live life fully even during your menstrual cycle. Unlike most sanitary pads in the market today, the advanced contours of these everteen XXL sanitary napkins feature a double-wing shape for a better grip to keep the pad in place even during prolonged use.

These everteen sanitary napkins are enriched with neem (Azadirachta indica, aka Indian lilac or margosa), which is widely acclaimed for its anti-irritant, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It clears rashes, soothes skin and reduces redness and pain. Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) extract in these menstrual pads is acclaimed skin care lubricant and moisturizer that lightens skin tans. Safflower also helps nourish the skin with Vitamin E and has antioxidant & anti-inflammatory benefits. It also helps speed up skin healing.

These everteen period pads come in an easy-to-carry pack with a convenient top-handle and have been manufactured using fully automated, touchless processes at one of India’s most sophisticated, ultra-modern and hygienic manufacturing units compliant with ISO 9001-2015, WHO-GMP and CE Marking. Since 2014, the everteen Menstrual Hygiene Surveys have taken leadership in getting a pulse of emerging preferences of Indian women. everteen is also a partner with the annual global Menstrual Hygiene Day with support of UNICEF, USAID and other organizations.

everteen XXL Sanitary Pads with Neem and Safflower are available in cottony-dry and cottony soft top layer variants. The cottony dry top layer guides menstrual fluid into the gel core quickly, keeping your sensitive intimate area dry and fresh at all times. The cottony-soft top layer gives your sensitive intimate skin a smooth, feather-like touch.  


  • Anti-rashes and anti-tanning properties, with the goodness of neem and safflower extracts
  • Choose from skin-friendly, cottony dry or cottony-soft top-layer, 320mm-long pads ideal for overnight use, wide double-wing shape
  • 8-layer protection, odour locking gel-core system with advanced leak protection
  • Manufactured at one of India’s most sophisticated, ultra-modern and hygienic manufacturing units using fully automated, touchless processes
  • A quality product from everteen®, the complete feminine health and hygiene expert



Do not flush. Dispose off responsibly after use. Avoid using sanitary napkins for more than 6 hours at a stretch.
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