everteen Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners for Women

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Using everteen® Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners is a great way to help you feel fresh & clean entire day and every day. Have you ever felt like your shower-fresh feeling wears off by your morning coffee break?

everteen natural cotton daily panty liners help absorb accidental leaks and light discharge. Made of 100% natural cotton surface, everteen Natural Cotton Daily Panty Liners provide you instant dry and soft feel without causing irritation. everteen liners are thin & comfortable, designed to make you feel like wearing a fresh panty. The negative ion strip used in these pantiliners helps prevent bacterial multiplication and eliminates odour. everteen liners keep you dry all the time with its breathable layers which keeps the moisture away.

Use everteen natural cotton daily panty liners to feel fresh and clean entire day, every day.

  • In between periods
  • As a backup for tampons & menstrual cup
  • For urinary incontinence
  • Absorbing light discharge
  • Maintaining daily intimate hygiene in girls and women

everteen Daily Panty Liners are available in packs of 30 and 36 liners.

    everteen offers feminine intimate hygiene and health products, which are all consumables. You would always want to buy products that are new, unopened and unused. As such, cancellations are not allowed on everteen products. We adhere to a strict quality protocol to ensure that our products shipped to customers are in top quality and deliver on our brand promise.

    We encourage you to choose carefully before placing an order.

    In case you ordered a product by mistake, you can cancel it before it is shipped. In select cases, we offer refund/ exchange where a customer accidentally receives a damaged or incorrect product, subject to requisite evidence.

    All everteen products are manufactured using top-grade materials and are shipped worldwide. When you order an everteen product, you know you are investing in quality you can trust!

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