everteen Combo: 15 Intimate Hygiene Wipes and V Gel 30g for Women

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everteen, the complete feminine intimate hygiene expert, brings to you a super-value combo of everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes (15 Individually Wrapped Wipes) and everteen V Gel (30 grams). everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes are India’s first feminine intimate hygiene wipes made from 100% natural & biodegradable fabric to give you ultra-soft feel in your most sensitive areas. everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes are wrapped individually for your convenience, so you do not need to carry those bulky packs while stepping out. 

everteen® V Gel is a unique gel extracted from pure and natural ingredients to help moisturize, tighten and revitalize your lady bits. The natural ingredients of everteen tightening gel restore elasticity and bring back the tightening sensation by increasing blood flow into muscles. This everteen gel is available in an attractive pump bottle packaging of 30g.


  • Perfect intimate hygiene combo of everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes (15 Individually Wrapped Wipes) and everteen V Gel for females
  • everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes are India's first individually-wrapped feminine intimate hygiene wipes. These ultra-soft hygiene wipes are clinically and dermatologically tested. Made of 100% natural & biodegradable cloth, everteen wipes are free from alcohol, SLS and parabens
  • everteen V Gel extracted from pure and natural ingredients to help moisturize, tighten and revitalize intimate areas
  • A quality product from everteen®, the complete feminine health and hygiene expert


everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes contain Azadirachta indica (neem) extract, Tomato extract, Aloe Vera extract, Tea Tree Oil, Almond Oil, Lavandula angustifolia Oil, Tween-20, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Fragrance, Decyl Glucoside, Ethylhexyl Glycerin and Phenoxyethanol-PR.

everteen V Gel contains Butea frandosa, Ficus glomerata, Woodfordia floribunda, Sphatika and Aloe Vera.


Thoroughly wipe the external vaginal area from front to back with everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes. After cleansing, simply dispose off the used wipe. For using everteen V Gel wash your hands and your vajayjay with clean water and press one full pump to take 2-3gm of everteen gel on your fingertip. Apply gel with your fingertip on the walls of your intimate organ in circular motion.


everteen Intimate Hygiene Wipes for external use. Keep away from children. Store at room temperature. Do not flush used wipe tissue. Never wipe from back to front.

everteen offers feminine intimate hygiene and health products, which are all consumables. You would always want to buy products that are new, unopened and unused. As such, cancellations are not allowed on everteen products. We adhere to a strict quality protocol to ensure that our products shipped to customers are in top quality and deliver on our brand promise.

We encourage you to choose carefully before placing an order.

In case you ordered a product by mistake, you can cancel it before it is shipped. In select cases, we offer refund/ exchange where a customer accidentally receives a damaged or incorrect product, subject to requisite evidence.

All everteen products are manufactured using top-grade materials and are shipped worldwide. When you order an everteen product, you know you are investing in quality you can trust!

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